We make hard things easy

Traditionally management and analysis of wastewater network has been complicated and time consuming. Not anymore.

Neurolux demo

Easy to install

Deployment is very simple - just connect your data into our system. We'll take care of the rest, from configuration to analysis and alerts.

Vendor independent

Neuroflux works with systems of all vendors. Ask for more details.

Utilizes existing data

Neuroflux uses already existing data from your network, so there is no need for new hardware or sensor installations.

Works on every device

Neuroflux doesn't require any new software to be installed on computers. You can monitor the network and alarms on any device - whether you are at the office or on the road.

Detect anomalies & react before problems arise

We detect growing blockages and abnormal flowrates. You will get automatic alarms from anomalies and have more time to react to them before bigger problems appear.

View overall status with a glance

You can clearly see overall status and active problems of the network, such as water leakage. Based on these, it is easy to focus network renovations on places where the biggest benefits can be collected. You can also view how past renovation have affected to the network.

Environment will thank you

With Neuroflux you are able to save the environment and money by focusing available resources more efficiently. Your experts can focus on reading the analysis, instead of making it from a scratch.

How Neuroflux could help your water utility?

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Tuomas Koskinen
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